Hearts 'n' Hands - Community Outreach

At Hearts 'n' Hands we believe it is extremely important that adults with developmental disabilities be involved within the community in which they live. The more our adults are able to intermingle and work with members of the community at large, the greater the chance that mutual respect and friendships can develop. In addition, we feel it is imperative that the participants of our program understand the importance of giving back to the community and for this reason we strive to provide them with opportunities to serve others. Below are some of the activities in which Hearts 'n' Hands participants have been involved.
  • Church Event Outreach � Arvada Covenant Church Oasis Dinner (Volunteer service including table place setting & beverage preparation)
  • Non-profit Fund Raising - West Arvada Dog Park (Bowl-a-thon donations & dog park sales booth participation)
  • Bottles of Hope � participants are involved in the Bottles of Hope project (www.bottlesofhope.org) by decorating glass bottles with own unique polymer clay designs which symbolize a wish and a hope for health. Hearts 'n' Hands participants will hand deliver their creations to cancer patients, to the elderly, and to individuals requiring hospitalization.

Hearts n Hands Work Enrichment