Hearts 'n' Hands - Pet Treat Program

Hearts 'n' Hands Dog Biscuits

The participants of Hearts 'n' Hands Work Enrichment are accountable for most aspects of the production and packaging of our Hearts 'n' Hands dog biscuit treats which are made from all natural ingredients and come in a variety of delicious flavors. Please see our Pet Treat product page for complete details.

Training for Our Participants

In depth training and visual aids are provided by our experienced job coaches to everyone who participates in the Hearts �n� Hands Pet Treat program. Each participant is introduced to all of the various tasks used during the baking and packaging process and is provided with step-by-step instructions facilitate their success. Modified training is provided for every individual and paced to align with each person�s learning capabilities. The level of responsibly is gradually increased in line with each participant�s progress. Work partners are established as appropriate to foster team work and increase independence through the reduction of job coach assistance.

Participants with the aptitude and interest are also provided with the opportunity to help manage the business through data entry into our database which tracks a variety of information including inventory, costs, and sales. In addition, participants are provided opportunities to attend group pet treat sales events and are encouraged to sell treats on their own initiative through which they learn rudimentary marketing and sales skills.

Transferrable Work Skills

The work enrichment program along with the training and hands-on production of pet treats teaches the participants how to mix, roll, cut-out, bake, and package food products as well as basic data entry, typing, sales, and money skills. These abilities may be transferrable to other job opportunities such as:

  • Hearts �n� Hands Pet Treats � One of the goals of the Hearts �n� Hands Work Enrichment program is to offer paid job opportunities for those who are able to learn the necessary skills. Once we grow the pet treat program into a sustainable business, we intend to staff some of the positions of the pet treat business with participants of the Hearts �n� Hands Work Enrichment program together with typical workers within an integrated work environment.

  • Food & Assembly Industries � The baking skills maybe transferrable to jobs at conventional bakeries, food services, nursing home kitchens, hospital and the step-by-step assembly line skills may be of value to certain manufacturing and/or assembly companies.
Setting up to make biscuits Cutting the butter Measuring out the flour Stirring the Dough
Setup Cutting Butter Measuring Flour Stirring Dough
Hearts n Hands Work Enrichment Hearts n Hands Work Enrichment Hearts n Hands Work Enrichment Hearts n Hands Work Enrichment Hearts n Hands Work Enrichment
Kneading Dough Rolling Dough Cutting Biscuits Poking Holes Applying Egg Wash