Hearts 'n' Hands - Volunteer Opportunities

Hearts �n� Hands Work Enrichment Hearts �n� Hands Work Enrichment relies on contributions from individuals, businesses, churches, and organizations who volunteer their time, services, and resources to help us achieve our mission. If you or an organization with which you are affiliated wish to get involved, please fill out a Volunteer Form and/or contact the program director Shana Riley at: [email protected] .

Below is a list of a few ways that you and/or your organization can get involved!

  • Teach an enrichment class
  • Give a one-time workshop or workshop series on a particular skill or area of interest (e.g., crafts, hobbies)
  • Provide professional services including fund raising, grant writing, accounting, promotions, sales
  • Help organize special events (e.g., holiday events, enrichment outings, community services)
  • Help in researching foundations and organizations for fund raising
  • Make a tax deductible donation to aid in the development of our program

Hearts n Hands Work Enrichment Volunteer Support