Our Motivation

The state of Colorado is one to the lowest ranked states in the Country in terms of providing services to adults with disabilities and it is estimated that some 12,000 individuals are on the waiting list for support services. As parents of a special needs child who is now an adult, we have experienced first-hand the difficulty of finding services/programs which are focused on improving the lives and employment prospects of adults with special needs. This struggle has led us to establish the Hearts �n� Hands Work Enrichment program. Our prescribed mission, vision, and values statements are outlined below but the key features of our program include (a) providing participants with prevocational training and continued education, (b) empowering and challenging participants to achieve new levels of confidence, pride, and fellowship, (c) offering employment within an integrated work environment to those individuals who are unable to obtain jobs within the public sector but are able to learn the necessary skills, and (d) providing participants with opportunities to get involved within the community with the objective of fostering public awareness, support, understanding, and acceptance of adults with special needs.

Hearts 'n' Hands Mission

Our mission is to create prevocational training and business skills development in the community for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the intention of empowering them to live more independent, purposeful, and meaningful lives.

Hearts 'n' Hands Vision

  • To provide an adaptable, sustainable and supported business enterprise based on Christian principles and values that offers prevocational training and ongoing job experience to people with special needs with the intention of elevating their self-worth and of empowering them to contribute towards their daily living expenses as well as to the communities in which they live

  • To offer education and enrichment programs, as well as opportunities for community service projects

  • To offer paid job opportunities for those who are able to learn the necessary skills

Hearts 'n' Hands Values

  • Excellence � Maintaining the highest standards in all that we do

  • Ingenuity & Innovation � Seeking constant improvement by encouraging creativity, accepting change and exploring all opportunities

  • Accountability � Being responsible for achieving measurable results and ensuring stewardship of our resources

  • Dignity � Valuing and respecting the contributions of all participants, customers, and other interested parties fostering a general sense of trustworthiness creating an environment where all have the opportunity to try their best

  • Collaboration � Working together with others to achieve the best results

  • Integrity � Being open, honest and up-front in our communications with others and in conducting our business